Tuesday, November 9, 2010

What drives the need for Safer Systems Development Processes with ISO 26262

Posted on behalf of Christoph Bräuchle,
Customer Requirements Manager, MKS Inc.

As ISO 26262, the new standard for functional safety in road vehicles, comes closer to the final publication stage (the final draft international standard will be released in December), automotive manufacturers and suppliers must prepare to meet these requirements in development processes, work products and documentation. MKS supports automotive engineering organizations to be compliant while maintaining efficiency and productivity.

Process management and full support for most parts of ISO/DIS 26262
MKS provides extended support for hazard analysis and risk assessment and provides rich functionality for creating functional safety concepts (ISO/DIS 26262 part 3). Through all phases in product development (part 4-6) MKS manages processes, activities and work products. Full traceability between the work products from Requirements to Test assets on system, hardware or software level is one of the core strengths of MKS Integrity. Most of the supporting processes, such as Change and Configuration Management across all domains and development phases can be managed in MKS Integrity.

Safety Manual and reference process
Alongside with the FDIS of the standard MKS will release a safety manual for MKS Integrity providing guidance how to apply best practices and processes for functional safety management to existing processes managed in MKS Integrity. A reference process implementation will give a starting point for organizations that want to quickly adapt MKS Integrity for functional safety development and management.

Close cooperation with certification bodies
MKS cooperates with certification bodies with a long history and experience in functional safety management to relieve its customers from the burden of tool qualification according to ISO 26262 and ensure safe production use even in development projects with high ASIL levels.

To Learn more, register for the on-demand webinar on "ISO 26262 and its Impact on Engineering: Eliminating Risks Based on Mal-Functional Behavior of Embedded Systems" – Featuring Juergen Belz, CEO, PROMETO and Christoph Braeuchle, Customer Requirements Manager, MKS Solutions for Automotive, MKS

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