Thursday, December 16, 2010

Looking for an Agile ALM Vendor?

Posted on behalf of Harsh Sabikhi, Certified ScrumMaster, MKS Inc.

The top 3 criteria in picking an Agile ALM vendor are:
  1. Flexible platform that supports various software development methodologies. Agile is key but how well does it incorporate into the rest of the lifecycle? For example, are formal requirements management needed in your organization? If so, you might require a vendor that can allow you to trace from Requirements to User Stories.

  2. Configurable platform that can allow you to change the workflow/process and metadata associated with Agile artifacts such as Sprints/Iterations, User Stories, and Tasks. It is good to see which vendor offers a solution template but for scalability and adaptability of the solution in the enterprise, it is important to know you can modify it to your needs.

  3. Allow you to run traditional and Agile projects in parallel. This is key when you want to collect metrics for executives who need visibility into both Agile and waterfall projects.

If you would like another point of view, Forrester Research, Inc. recently assessed the state of the Agile development management (ADM) tools market, reviewing application lifecycle management (ALM) vendors and Agile project management tools against 152 criteria. Click here for your complimentary copy of this report.

Tell us what you think is important in finding an Agile ALM Vendor?

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