Friday, February 18, 2011

Implementer 10.1 now available

We are rolling out a new release of our IBM i ALM offering known as Implementer 10.1 this week.

The major theme of this release was to simplify administration of patches and service packs. As such, this release includes an application (we call it Implementer Update) that sits on the desktop and manages the installation of patches and new releases to Implementer. While you can read the standard official published information in our Release Notes, I thought I'd share one insight about the development of this change.

This feature started as a rather simple request to reduce the number of manual steps in applying patches. We could have made a narrow scoped change to meet some of the initial requirements; we instead decided to look at the overall patch and service pack installation process from the ground up. As part of the exercise we looked at installation of other software products, consulted with customers and came up with a wizard-like console that sits on the desktop that allows you to centrally manage all instances of Implementer and the deployment agents, Implementer Receivers. We believe the end result is that Implementer will be significantly easier to administer, particularly for our larger customers with worldwide installations.

This release really highlighted the importance of working with all stakeholders to deliver the best value to the largest set of users possible.

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